About Us

The Aim of our School:

In Ardscoil Mhuire we aim to help your daughter achieve her full potential. Talents are encouraged, creativity is imaginatively extended, intellectual ability is stimulated and guided, and we endeavour to share and pass on an enlightened understanding of the Faith. It is hoped that each student passing through our school will develop responsible attitudes towards self and others through careful guidance and support from both home and school. Good discipline facilitates learning.

Our carefully chosen curriculum recognises the broader understanding of education today and allows a wide choice of subjects which facilitates entry into an ever-increasing range of courses and careers, training and life long learning in Universities, Institutes of Technology, PLC Colleges, apprenticeships and varied job placements.

The years spent in second-level education are crucial years in terms of personal growth and development. In this context we consider the development of leisure time activities and an appreciation of the arts to be very important. Hence, we have a strong commitment to the provision of Art, Music, Sport and Cultural Interests in the school.

We strive for excellence in all we do