Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme

Pupils in 5th year have the option of studying the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme. The LCVP can be described as a Leaving Certificate with a strong vocational dimension. The programme balances the virtues of the traditional academic Leaving Certificate with the development of skills and qualities which will prove relevant to the lives of pupils for further education or for the world of work.

LCVP pupils study the same range of subjects as pupils for the traditional Leaving Certificate and sit the same exams in these subjects. They also study three Link Modules on Enterprise Education, Preparation for Work and Work Experience. The Link Modules are assessed in the final year of Leaving Certificate.

LCVP pupils receive the same certificates as Traditional Leaving Certificate pupils but their certificate includes an additional statement of the results of the Link Modules exam. Points are awarded for these results which some pupils use to get their required course in third level.