Pastoral Care Programme

We are a caring school...

The Pastoral Care Structure in place in our school fosters the development of each pupil within an atmosphere of care, concern and respect. Pastoral care is the concern of all members of staff but we also provide formal structures to help support each student on a daily basis.

Class Tutor

Each class is assigned a Tutor who takes responsibility for the care and guidance of the group.

Year Head

Each Year Group is under the care of a Year Head who has overall responsibility for the welfare and progress of the students.


Each Junior class is assigned Prefects who liaise with them on a regular basis and with their Class Tutor.

Mentor Teacher

Each Leaving Certificate student has an individual teacher assigned to her to whom she may look for advice and guidance.

“Buddy” System

All first year students are assigned an individual “buddy” from sixth year who meets with her during break times throughout the year to offer friendship and support in her new school environment.