School Improvement Plan 2019/2020


Self Evaluation Report


School Improvement Plan

Ardscoil Mhuire



Roll No: 62890m

May 2019


Ardscoil Mhuire

 summary of the self evaluation Findings


Summary of main strengths


  • Students and staff see the benefits of reflection


  • Staff are increasing the opportunities for students to reflect in class


  • The majority of students enjoy going to class


  • Staff have attended in service on active teaching methods and shared these with all staff


  • Students are really enjoying group work sessions


  • Staff are really eager to receive ICT training which could potentially improve the quality of the group work sessions

Summary of main areas requiring improvement


  • Students would like to see more ICT incorporated in to lessons


  • A number of students don’t feel they are given adequate opportunity to reflect in class


School Improvement Plan 2019/2020

Evaluation theme


Improvement Targets Required actions
Students enjoying their learning, are motivated to learn and expect to achieve as learners

















-All first years and transition year students will experience completing at least 2 collaborative projects using Office 365

-To promote a positive attitude towards Office 365

-To increase parental participation/interest in SSE initiatives




-To Increase the numbers who are aware of the opportunities they are given to use reflection in class from 40% to 70%

-All staff to receive in-service on Office 365

-TY students to receive training on using Office 365 during the first 2 weeks in September

-TY students to peer teach first years during the second two weeks in September

-Synchronised timetable taking account of CBAs

-VSware  reminders & reminders for parents regarding targets





-Staff to share successful reflection techniques at the first staff meeting in August

-Teachers to identify times of reflection in class

-Remind staff frequently during the year about the techniques that can be used to incorporate reflection in to lessons

-Encourage reflecting using the template/grade trackers in the journal

-Consistent approach to reflection in all classes

-Copy of the reflection template used in the journal on all classroom walls

-Tutor groups to develop a poster about reflection